Jiangsu Student Testimonials

Niagara FallsParliament HillIt is a little difficult to adapt to the academic environment quickly, because it is very different from that in China, but after a semester’s hard-working, I feel much better.

At first I chose to live on campus but after one mouth I found it is not good for practicing my spoken English when I lived alone in the dormitory, so I moved out, and rented a house not far from my university campus. And now I get on well with the landlord and my roommates who are Canadians.

We always chat after meals and all of them are like eating Chinese food which I made.

I am fond of traveling, and as we all know Canada has a lot of beautiful sceneries, so Canada is a paradise for travel-lover.
I was in Niagara Falls and I was deeply shocked by the spectacular waterfall.

I was in front of the Parliament Hill

To sum up, I have not only learnt knowledge about my major but also I have developed a better understanding of the diverse cultures in Canada. In addition I have improved my English communication skills. I really love this place.

JI Jie
Soochow University/University of Toronto