Jiangsu Student Testimonials

I am Cui Zhaodi from Jiangnan University in China. And my host university is Nipissing University. I have enjoyed a wonderful period of time in Canada. This is a great opportunity for me to learn a totally new culture and share multiple opinion with others. People here are very friendly. They help me a lot. University in Canada may be a little different from China. Students are free to ask any questions in class and to eat and drink. Professors in school are always ready to help every student and to give suggestion. So even I had some trouble due to language at first, I still learned a lot and enjoyed my classes. I appreciate this experience a lot. Thank you very much.

Cui Zhaodi
Jiangnan University/Nipissing University

I am honored to be an Ontario-Jiangsu exchange student. For Chinese students, just those students from rich families can afford the expensive tuitions and study abroad. My families are ordinary salaried class. I thank for my parents for supporting me to take part in the program. And I also thank Educational institutions of Jiangsu and Ontario for providing us this program.
I fairly treasure this precious opportunity. I made the most of resources here as much as possible, just like a new immigrant. I studied, travelled and communicated with all kinds of people. I tried to integrate into Canadian society even if we have huge differences between us. I have met many difficulties on study and life. However I got much assistance, thanks to those friendly Canadians. I didn’t feel any loneliness and helplessness.

I love beautiful Canada and friendly Canadians.

Xiaoxiao(Josephine) Ma
Jiangsu Polytechnic University/Brock University

Yu ShutianAmong my 5-month stay here, I benefit on both areas – studying and life.

This two-term study experience will be extremely helpful for people like me who are going to finish their master degrees abroad. Now I have a clearly view for the same and different points between Chinese and Canadian university systems, and so does my field. To be honest, it’s a little difficult for me to catch up with professors’ idea at first. It will require time for everybody to get used to. And the only difference between people is how long it will take you, for me, at least 3 months. During that time, I went to either DC or DP 5 hours every day reading books regarding my course, which I never did in China, and I still thought it was not enough. I finished my first project in Canada, and when I handed it to the professor, he asked me “you are the first student in my class to hand in the project, why you are in such a hurry?” I always think I’m here just like an Airborne Force, there’s no course for you to prepare or warm-up, everything is for me is the same like other 3rd year mechanical engineering student, so I have to work twice harder than others. That’s why I finish the project 1 week before the due date. I also had a wonderful time working on the lab with my team.

I feel so lucky that I can stay and live with a Canadian family. Here I can spend my weekend like a real Canadian. I checked every flyer and decide which super market is the ideal one for shopping. I was invited to be one of the family members during festivals like Thanksgiving, Christmas. I prepared presents for everybody. Those present are the souvenirs I brought from my hometown Nanjing China and people here love them very much. I knew Kitchener City Hall were recruiting volunteer for torch relay of the 2010 winter Olympics and they put their advertisement on a magazine. So I went to the city hall and had an interview there. Very unfortunately, there was virus in my computer and I can’t receive any emails, I even didn’t know I got the position several days after the event. But anyway, thanks for all the people help me get this position. I have been to Ottawa during the vacation and I am planning to visit Montreal, Quebec City in reading week, and Vancouver on my way back to China.

Thank you for letting me share my time here with you.

YU Shutian
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics/University of Waterloo

I’ve been so grateful to have this wonderful experience offered by OJS since the day I stepped onto the land of this peaceful land. The faculties and students in Western help me a lot no matter with respect to accommodation, living independently or achieving academic success. My program is Commercial Aviation, which is very special that we have only about 30 people in class and we study the Canadian airlines and aviation, and also have field trip to London Airport! The thing that excites me most is I get to know a lot of friends, either my roommates, classmates who are originally from Canada, or many exchange students from all over the world! I really enjoy the academic and social atmosphere that Western offers to me and this experience I promise will be a treasure of my life!

Renchu Guo
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics/ University of Western Ontario

Life is here is definitely different from that in China. I loved my life here very much, because it is very colorful and meaningful. Every day I went to classes, swimming and I was even involved in a soccer team!

Because of the orientation, I knew many friends from all over the world. That is pretty fun to play and talk with foreign students. During the Christmas break, I visited Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. Those experiences are very impressive to me.

I am very grateful to the OJS exchange program, I think my life and my attitude toward the world have already been changed in some sense now.

Zhou Suhang
Soochow University/Carleton University